We are a community of Christians who believe that the Bible is God's word. It has been fully inspired by God the Holy Spirit and contains all that people need to know for salvation and to rightly understand the world - God’s world - in which they live. By its very nature the Bible is infallible, and forms a perfect rule for both faith and life. We believe that as God's people we need to be immersed or "marinated" in the Bible to understand how to live for God in this world. In understanding the Bible as God's word we proclaim Jesus Christ as the only true Saviour of God's people and the rejoice in the glories of His Kingship.

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The best summary of what we believe the Scriptures teach is found in the Westminster Confession of Faith, one of the several great summaries of doctrine that emerged out of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th and 17th centuries. Key elements in this Confession are the sovereignty of God in creation, providence and redemption, the centrality of the life, death and resurrection of the God-Man Jesus Christ in God’s purposes, and the necessity of the Holy Spirit in the application of all aspects of salvation. It also highlights the nature and purpose of the Church, and the need to acknowledge the Lordship of Christ in every area of life.
We adhere to the Bible as the supreme standard of life and faith. The Bible is the Word of God, and as such it is infallible and inerrant. Our understanding of the Bible is contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith.


St Andrews is Presbyterian in government, Reformed in theology, and Evangelical in spirit.
For more information about the meaning of these three words please see the Presbyterian Church of Queensland's website.

St Andrews is a branch of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and under the State Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland's and is under the jurisdiction of the Presbytery of North Queensland.

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Our History


St Andrew's Presbyterian Church has been in Townsville for over 100 years. Our original church building was destroyed in a cyclone and the current building was constructed and opened in 1974.

St Andrews Presbyterian Church was formed 126 years ago as the first Presbyterian witness in Townsville.

Originally South Townsville and North Ward were included in the Charge. Those who worshipped at these two centres now worship in the "Central Charge", as St Andrews was known.

The site of North Ward was redeveloped to house the administration and kitchen of St Andrews Meals on Wheels (which has now moved to Aitkenvale, see Meals On Wheels Website). The site in South Townsville has been redeveloped into St Andrews Villas, a block of independent living units for retired people.

St Andrews acquired the house next to the church building in Wills Street, which has now been demolished. The site now serves the children of the church as a grassed and shaded play area.

The two-story building next to the grassed area in Wills Street is also part of the St Andrews complex. The Helen Agnes Forrest Trust Building serves as the Administration Offices, Ministers' Offices and Meeting Room, known as the "Upper Room".

St Andrews was one of the few Presbyterian Churches that decided not to go into church union when the Uniting Church was formed in 1977. Since then the boundaries of the charge saw major changes.

Traditionally areas like Pallarenda, Belgian Gardens, West End, North Ward, South Townsville, Wulguru and Hermit Park served as feeding areas for St Andrews. It is now commonplace that people from all suburbs, including Thuringowa, worship here and involve themselves in the congregational activities.

St Andrews was one of the few Presbyterian Churches that decided not to go into church union when the Uniting Church was formed in 1977. Since then the boundaries of the charge saw major changes.

As in the beginning, St Andrews endeavours to remain faithful to the Reformed doctrines as they are contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith. We take from the past which is good and build the future upon it. We understand that we have a Scottish connection and associate readily with our borthers and sisters from the British Isles. However, to be a church of Christ in the 21st Century we understand that we need to adopt strategies to effectively minister to an ever-changing environment. Our mission is not preserve a specific culture; our mission is to effect the culture of our day to conform to the principles of God's Kingdom.

During the last few years quite a few families from totally different cultures around the globe joined our fellowship to enrich our church culture.