Authority and Faith – our first major series of the year looks at chapters 8 to 12 of the Gospel of Matthew.

The main themes and events of these chapters can be summarised by two words:

Authority and faith. They highlight Jesus’ incredible power over sickness, nature, and spiritual forces. They also emphasise the significance of faith in experiencing miracles and faithfully following Jesus.

If you want to read ahead, here are the titles and passages we will look at each week.

1: Jesus: Before he was famous (Matthew 7:28-8:27)
2: Jesus: Doctor to sinners (Matthew 8:28-9:36)
3: Jesus: Lord of the harvest (Matthew 9:35-10:23)
4: Jesus: The one to fear (Matthew 10:24-42)
5: Jesus: Don’t look for another (Matthew 11:1-19)

3rd March – Digging Deeper Weekend, Gary Millar, guest preacher, passage TBA

6: Jesus: The way to find rest (Matthew 11:20-30)
7: Jesus: The Lord of rest (Matthew 11:28-12:21)…and
8: Jesus: The big brother you want (Matthew 12:22-50)

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